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working out where anger comes from

Learn to cope with Anger

We all feel angry sometimes.

If we feel threatened, wronged or offended, we get angry; our bodies release stress hormones; our blood pressure rises and our breathing and heart rate increase. Those things all help us focus on the threat and deal with it. Anger is a natural feeling but in some cases may require managing

But uncontrolled anger can:

  • affect our health, relationships and work;
  • cloud our thinking and affect our judgement;
  • lead to actions that are unreasonable, irrational and out of proportion to the threat we’re facing;
  • lead to aggression or violence that puts us in danger and harms the ones we love.

Almost one third of adults:

  • worry about how angry they feel sometimes;
  • know someone who finds it hard to control their anger.

CBT can help you:

  • work out why you get angry;
  • recognise when you’re getting angry and manage that anger before it gets out of hand.
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